The Choisser Burnett House

Eldorado , Illinois

Short Term Rental

Vintage Charm     Modern Comfort



    Innkeepers David and Trina Bartok invite you to uncover this historic home's  limitless character and charm that will make your stay a memory that lasts a lifetime. The open floor plan makes it perfect for retreats, vacations, meetings or just a stay to rest from traveling on the road.  All three spacious bedrooms and a full bath are located upstairs. Downstairs houses a  stocked kitchen, dining room, living room , half bath and reading room.  Front load washer and dryer are located in the basement with laundry products provided.

    Unfortunately the house is not conducive for pets. 




    The House

    This revival style home has the same basic footprint as it had 1894.  Current belief is that a structure was first constructed in 1878 by John and Mariah Groves who owned the home until 1904 when it was purchased by James Manley.  Mr. Manley was in charge of opening the local Coal Mine #8.  He later sold the home in 1906 to the mayor of Eldorado, Samuel Latham who passed it on to JH and Mattie Hargraves during the same year. Mattie owned a millinery shop in town and JH operated Hargraves Harness & Saddle.  Ila and Ida (Elder) Choisser then purchased the home in 1918 with the addition of the bay windows present on an insurance map dated 1919.  It stayed in the Choisser family for 63 years with their son Eugene and his wife Greek living there until 1980.  Virginia Burnett and her son Hal Burnett then occupied the home.  It was in the Burnett family for 24  years until Hal's death in 2004.

    The Choissers

    John Choisser was an Illinois native born of French Canadian parents in 1784.  He worked on the river as a keel boat man and during it was love at first sight for a pretty woman with long dark hair named Nancy Sutton.  Although they both were smitten with each other, Nancy's parents weren't very fond of John.  He was a river rat and French and everyone knew that nothing good could evolve out of that combination. Against the objections of her parents, they married on January 5, 1811 and through the years John turned out to be as hard-working, dependable and successful man. They had 13 children and after John's death in 1860, Nancy lived alone in Eldorado. It is said that for a pioneer woman she was exceptionally lazy and when she visited her children, rather than eat from their coarser table settings, she always took along her own pink lustre china, and her own silverware.  She passed away in 1876.

    John and Nancy had many grandchildren but a grandson named Ila is the one that is the namesake of the house at 1201 Organ Street.  He was born in 1875 and during his adult years he married Ida Elder whose grandfather was Samuel Elder, one of the co-founders of Eldorado. Ila and Ida Choisser moved into the Organ Street house in 1918.  Ila passed away in 1945 and Ida remain in the home until her death in 1957. The house was then passed to their son Charles Eugene Choisser and his wife Greek.  Eugene was owner and operator of the Martin Funeral Home, which was located right next door at 1203 Organ for 22 years.  In addition to owning the funeral home he was also a coal miner,  Sheriff of Saline County from 1930 to 1934 and was active in local and state politics. He was a member of the Saline County Housing Authority and director and president of the Eldorado First State Bank.  Eugene passed away in 1977 and Greek stayed in the house until her passing in 1980.

    The Burnetts

    The Burnett family history runs deep in helping shape many local area businesses around Eldorado. 

    In the 1800's, Charles P Burnett owned one of the largest mercantile businesses in Eldorado which also evolved into one of the first local banks in town, C.P. Burnett and Sons Bank.   One of his sons, Hiram Burnett was the father of Dr Henry L Burnett, a prominent physician in the area.   Dr Burnett’s son, Rex (R.C) Burnett, established Burnett's Chevrolet Dealership in the early 1900’s.  His business flourished, even during the depression.  The family trait of hard work was passed on to son Bruce who began working in the garage at an early age "wrestling flat tires”.  Bruce learned the automotive business with his father as his mentor and purchased the business in 1941.  He successfully operated it until 1958.  Bruce then too young to retire, changed gears and went full force into the banking industry as so many of his relatives before him.  In 1943 he was elected mayor of Eldorado for one term. 


    Hal Burnett followed his father's footsteps and was also very successful in the local banking industry.   His love of banking equaled his love of the arts.  Hal owned an art gallery in New York City and was well known in the art circle.



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    Washer & Dryer On Site

    Stocked Kitchen

    Comfortably Sleeps 6​
    Iron & Ironing Board
    Outdoor Area

    Comfortable Meeting Area



    Dining Table Extends To Seat 8

    Living Area Perfect For Socializing

    Fully Stocked Kitchen

    Master Bedroom With Sitting Area

    Master Bedroom With Sitting Area

    Queen Size Handcrafted 1880's Bed

    Extra Comfortable Twin Beds 

    Extra Comfortable Twin Beds


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